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The abbreviation of academic titles in the Catholic Church

In the Catholic Church, there is a system of elementary, middle, high schools, vocational schools, colleges, and Catholic universities, similar to the educational institutions in the secular society. In Catholic academies and universities, there are various degrees to mark progress within this educational and training system. Academic titles in the Catholic Church are the result of a challenging process of study undertaken by believers to delve deeper into the knowledge of the Catholic Church through subjects such as philosophy, theology, canon law, and the Bible.

For graduates, especially those who are religious brothers, sisters, or priests, the abbreviations of Catholic academic titles are often written immediately after their names. For example, Father Maurice J. Nutt, C.Ss.R, D.Min. So, what does “D.Min” and other abbreviations of degrees in the Catholic Church mean? Let’s look them up in the following list:


B.C.LBachelor of Canon Law
B.DBachelor of Divinity
D.C.LDoctor of Canon Law, Civil
D.DApostles of Jesus
D.MinDoctor of Ministry
Dr. TheolDoctor of Theology
D.S.SDoctor of Holy (Sacred) Scripture
J.C.DDoctor of Canon Law
J.C.LLicentiate in Canon Law
J.U.DDoctor of Civil and Canon Laws
L.S.MLicentiate in Medieval Studies
L.S.SLicentiate of Sacred Scripture
M. DivMaster of Divinity
M.S.DDoctor of Medieval Studies
M.S.LLicentiate in Medieval Studies
S.E.O.DDoctor of Oriental Ecclesiastical Sciences
S.E.O.LLicentiate of Oriental Ecclesiastical Sciences
S.L.DDoctor of Sacred Liturgy
S.L.LLicentiate of Sacred Liturgy
S.S.LLicentiate in Sacred Scripture
S.S.DDoctor of Sacred Scripture
S.T.BBachelor of Sacred Theology
S.T.DDoctor of Sacred Theology
S.T.LLicentiate in Sacred Theology
S.T.MMaster of Sacred Theology
Th.DDoctor of Theology

The above is a list of the abbreviation of academic titles in the Catholic Church that Joseph Tuan has compiled from various sources and Catholic documents. If you find any missing informations, please leave a comment below this post, and I will update the list. Wishing you joy and the abundant peace of the Lord.

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